OPP (Other People’s Publications)

Global change and the Earth System IGBP 2004

An introduction to global warming impacts: Hell and High Water
Climate Progress 2009

Where would be the best place to live in 2035? 2060?
Climate Progress 2010

The Resilient Community
John Robb 2008


The New Map: Terrorism and the Decline of the Nation-state in a Post-Cartesian World Jeff Vail 2006

A Theory of Power Jeff Vail 2006

2010 – Predictions and Catabolic Collapse
Jeff Vail 2010

Dreaming 5th Generation War tdaxp 2005

Dreaming 5GW Skillumanti Research 2009


What Is Biochar? International Biochar Initiative 2011

Going Feral Vinay Gupta 2011

IQ.org (Julian Assange’s pre-wikileaks site) 2006

The Problem of Growth Jeff Vail 2008

Climate, Culture, and Collapse:Responding to Rapid Change
Sam Urquhart and Ryan King May 10, 2008

The Tipping Point in Civilizational Collapse Ryan King August 14, 2009

War, Waste, and Moneylenders: factoring social and economic instability into ecological catastrophe and the decline of western civilization
Ryan King November 12, 2008

Scientists target safe-climate future
Ryan King March 11, 2008

Biodiesel, Biochar & Biodiversity in Costa Rica — An Example of Small-Scale, Locally-Appropriate Action
Ryan King 2010

Happy belated Earth Day to a beleaguered planet Ryan King 2011


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