Decentralized Biodiesel Production

DIY Biodiesel Production

Home-brewed biodiesel produced from locally-obtained oils is a relatively simple, cheap, and efficient alternative to petroleum diesel for use in existing diesel vehicles and generators. Processors can be easily and quickly produced from common appliances and scrap yard items. Most processing, however, requires industrially-produced methanol and lye. Ethanol-produced biodiesel is possible, and lye may be created from wood ash though purifying DIY reagents for quality biodiesel production is difficult. We are currently investigating DIY reagents and alternatives for complete off-grid production of biodiesel. Neither biodiesel nor any other “alternative” fuel will (or should) replace the energy consumption and growth-generation of fossil fuels during the 21st Century. Our biofuel/biochar systems are attempts to design environmental/energy solutions with an “Earth Systems” perspective.

Biodiesel Production Resources

Biofuels info and links

Appleseed style processor construction and info

Super critical methanol production of biodiesel

Biodiesel Quality Resources

Clean fuel guys – links to microbial, biodegradation, other biofuel issues

Fuel degradation in storage

Critiques of Biodiesel and EROEI Analysis

Garbage in, garbage out

The Biofuel Grind

The Greasercycle 2.0

A used exercise bicycle with a barrel pump ( welded onto the front gear makes a great oil/liquid transfer system for cheap. Remove the hand crank from the pump simply by unscrewing the handle, pick up an appropriate sized gear for the bike and weld it to the handle’s previous location. Easily (and quietly!) moves about 55 gallons of grease/waste oil in 8-10 minutes.


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