January 17 News, Links

Russia warming at alarming rate

“Average warming in Russia in the past 100 years was 1.5 to two times higher than overall global warming,” the forecast read.

“In addition, as compared to the 100-year trend, the rate of warming grew several times, annual precipitation figures are growing… as is the frequency and intensity of flooding.”

Analysts suspect dramatic rise in price of gas by this summer

Right now, if you need to fill up a 15 gallon car at a local gas station with regular unleaded gasoline, you are paying about $50 at the pump.  According to GasBuddy, by the beginning of the summer, it could be almost $70.

For those with SUV’s that hold 28 gallons, right now, it is about $92 to fill your tank.  You could pay up to $130 on Memorial Day weekend with GasBuddy calculations.

So, what is to blame?

GasBuddy points partly to instability in Iran especially after the country threatened to shut down a key oil passageway.

Another potential reason: Keystone XL.  It a proposed new pipeline that would run from Canada to Texas could shake up prices in either direction.

Fitch ratings sees Greece default on debt

The euro area’s most indebted country is unlikely to be able to honor a March 20 bond payment of 14.5 billion euros ($18 billion), Parker said today in an interview in Stockholm. Efforts to arrange a private sector deal on how to handle Greece’s obligations would constitute a default, he said.

Protest in Peru against proposed goldmine

A US-backed billion-dollar gold mine has attracted thousands of protestors in recent weeks. Many have the poor economic legacy of existing mines fresh in their minds, reports Gervase Pouldon in Cajamarca, Peru.

The protesters say the project would threaten local water supplies whilst Conga’s proponents claim this is untrue and that the scheme would bring development to Peru – and the wider region.

The majority shareholders of the Conga project are the Peruvian company Buenaventura and the US firm Newmont, the second largest gold mining company in the world. Both are no strangers to the region of Cajamarca; also owning the main stake in nearby Yanacocha gold mine. Yanacocha has at times suffered a strained relationship with some of the surrounding populace.

Record global food prices in 2011

The Food Price Index’s average for the year was 228 points, 28 points higher than the past record set in 2008.

Climate Change and the ski industry

As both global greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures continue to rapidly rise, ski areas around the world are confronting similar conditions.  Formerly premier ski destinations such as Whistler, in Canada, may disappear entirely, and the ski seasons are expected to become much shorter in the next two decades and onward.

Russia Planning War Games for Iran/US conflict

Russia will block any further sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council, a Foreign Ministry official said Tuesday, because it believes rising tensions could trigger a conflict that would destabilize the wider region. Last week Russian deputy prime minister and former ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin warned that any Western attack on Iran would constitute “a direct threat to [Russian] national security.”

Global Guerrilla Gardens





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