November 30 News/Links

Iran protesters storm UK Embassy in Tehran

Militant students are said to have removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with Iran’s flag. State TV showed youths smashing embassy windows.

The move comes after Iran resolved to reduce ties following the UK’s decision to impose further sanctions on it.

The UK’s Foreign Office said it was “outraged” by the actions.

It urged Iran to honour international commitments to protect diplomatic missions and their staff.

Low Tech Magazine – Solar

The Solar Fire P32 is built using simple, abundant and non-toxic materials. Contrary to most other modern green technologies, there is no need for rare earth metals or advanced tools that are not found in an average metal workshop. Essentially, this is a renewable source of heat energy analogous to home made windmills used to produce mechanical energy.

Julian Jaynes Society News Links

New Schizophrenia Genes Identified
September 19, 2011

Existence of 200 ‘Uncontacted’ Tribal People in Brazilian Rainforest Confirmed
IBTimes, June 24, 2011

The Birth of Religion
Charles C. Mann, National Geographic, June 2011

Brain Mechanisms Of Self-Consciousness Revealed By Neurorobotics
Medical News Today, April 28, 2011

Can the Brain Explain Your Mind? (book review)
Colin McGinn, The New York Review of Books, March 24, 2011

American Airlines files for Chapter 11 Protection

Unlike other US airlines, AA has not returned to profit in the last two years.

The Texas-based corporation said labour rules forced it to spend $600m (£384m, 450m euros) more than other airlines on staff costs.

RFK Assassin Sirhan Sirhan Seeks prison release

Los Angeles (CNN) — Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of the 1968 assassination of presidential candidate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, should be freed from prison or granted a new trial based on “formidable evidence” asserting his innocence and “horrendous violations” of his rights, defense attorneys said in federal court papers filed this week.

“The state suppressed, destroyed and withheld a great deal of evidence,” Pepper said in an interview Saturday. Sirhan’s “counsel provided totally ineffective assistance and collaborated with the prosecution in violation of his 6th Amendment rights.

The Entire System has been Utterly Destroyed by the MF Global Collapse

And so, to the very unpleasant crux of the matter. The futures and options markets are no longer viable. It is my recommendation that ALL customers withdraw from all of the markets as soon as possible so that they have the best chance of protecting themselves and their equity. The system is no longer functioning with integrity and is suicidally risk-laden. The rule of law is non-existent, instead replaced with godless, criminal political cronyism.

Thoughts from Tahrir

But when I looked around the side streets near Tahrir tonight – at the post-apocalyptic scene of toxic fumes and burning garbage and decimated sidewalks – I caught a glimpse of what I imagine state failure to look like. If the state is failing, the blame rests on the military junta’s shoulders. The violence downtown wouldn’t exist if not for their complete refusal to meet the revolution’s demands and their complete and utter mismanagement of the transition. And as the generals have positioned themselves as the guarantors against chaos and collapse, every new instance of street violence justifies their presence.



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