October 20th News/Links

Chamber of Commerce awarded Rubber Dodo for being ‘one of the most environmentally destructive forces in America’

Voted on by members of the conservation organization, this year’s award—the fifth of its kind—was given to the US Chamber of Commerce for its unwavering support of the fossil fuels industry and for environmental deregulation.
…The US Chamber of Commerce did not reply to request for comment.

Massive Shark Slaughter Reported in Columbian Waters

Columbian government officials have reported that as many as 2,000 sharks have been killed in a single incident for their fins. The slaughter occurred in the Malpelo Wildlife Sanctuary, a remote 8,570 square kilometer area of the ocean off Columbia’s Pacific coast. The sharks were found at the bottom of the sea, all dead, and all with their fins cut off. They were discovered by a team of shark researchers around the small island of Malpelo, 500 kilometers west of the mainland.

Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

Located some 506 km off the coast of Colombia, the site includes Malpelo island (350 ha) and the surrounding marine environment (857,150 ha). This vast marine park, the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, provides a critical habitat for internationally threatened marine species, and is a major source of nutrients resulting in large aggregations of marine biodiversity.

U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon
Rivers and streams in the United States are releasing substantially more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previously thought, according to researchers publishing their results in the current issue of the journal Nature Geoscience.

He and his co-author, ecologist Peter Raymond also of Yale, analyzed data from samples of more than 4,000 rivers and streams throughout the United States, and incorporated detailed geospatial data to model the flux of carbon dioxide from water.

This release is equal to a car burning 40 billion gallons of gasoline, enough to drive back and forth to the moon 3.4 million times.

Morning Briefing: October 20, 2011

According to reports, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi has been captured and/or killed after rebels found him “hiding in a hole” in his hometown of Sirte, which the fighters captured today. The National Transitional Council told Reuters that Gadhafi died of wounds suffered in battle; the White House is currently seeking to confirm reports.

In a fiery speech, Vice President Biden attacked Republicans for putting millionaires’ interests ahead of jobs for teachers and first responders. Suggesting that Republicans in Congress had fallen out of touch with the rest of the nation, Biden said, “I don’t know where these guys live.”

New wage data from the Social Security Administration are “awful,” showing the median paycheck fell again in 2010, down 1.2 percent to $26,364. “That works out to $507 a week, the lowest level, after adjusting for inflation, since 1999.”

Student loans outstanding will exceed $1 trillion this year

The amount of student loans taken out last year crossed the $100 billion mark for the first time and total loans outstanding will exceed $1 trillion for the first time this year. Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards, reports the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Japanese communities record Chernobyl-level radiation

Before the nuclear meltdowns Mr Hasegawa was a dairy farmer. Now his sheds are empty, his cattle slaughtered or sold off, his property is deserted and increasingly derelict.

Ask him about the performance of his government during this crisis and Kenichi Hasegawa goes close to meltdown himself.

KENICHI HASEGAWA, FUKUSHIMA FARMER (voiceover translation): I have absolutely no trust in the Government. I thought they could deal with a nuclear accident, but it is a joke. So now all they do is cover up and hide data. All the while we were exposed to more and more radiation. What the hell are they doing?


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