September 26 News/Links

World’s Engineers: “The Technology Needed to Cut the World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 85% by 2050 Already Exists”

That’s the news release from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), one of the 11 signatory groups. The groups explicitly call for a peak in global emissions in 2020 and an intensive effort to train workers for green technology jobs.

Activists worldwide push for leaving the fossil fuel age behind

On six continents, in over 75 percent of the world’s countries, people came out en masse yesterday to attend over 2,000 events to demonstrate the power of renewable energy to combat global climate change.

OSU Urban Farming Study: What’s the Best Way to Turn a Parking Lot into a Garden?

Joe Kovach, who specializes in maximizing fruit and vegetable production in limited spaces, is comparing three ways to do it in empty, abandoned parking lots: in giant-sized pots and in raised beds on top of the blacktop, and in trenches cut right through it.

Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government

A record-high 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed, adding to negativity that has been building over the past 10 years.

Oil Spill Affected Gulf Fish’s Cell Function, Study Finds

Exposure to toxic chemicals from the BP disaster, which spewed 4.9 million barrels off the coast of Louisiana in 2010, has altered the gulf killifish’s cellular functions in ways that have been predictive of a lack of reproduction in other fish, according to the study, which appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Libyan NTC fighters breach Gaddafi city Sirte from east

Gaddafi loyalists are still defending the city from the other side. We’ve seen mortar shells and artillery rounds landing near where we are.

It’s just a matter of how long the pro-Gaddafi forces are going to defend. If they decide to fight street-by-street then it could go on longer, and the longer it goes on, the more dangerous it is for the people inside the city.


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